Image of Long Distance Art Coaching - 20-30 minute Consultations

Long Distance Art Coaching - 20-30 minute Consultations


Julie Hiltbrunner (Silversmyth) will coach you through an exploration into being an artist and living the creative life. She will help you decide if you should go to art school or study on your own. Are you wondering if you are "good enough" to sell your work? She can help you with an unbiased eye and get you motivated to make big decisions that lie before you.

How Julie can help: You don't have to spend 100 thousand dollars on a college art degree to be an artist. Not everyone has the capacity to do so. Some people are passionate enough for self directed study. Allow Julie to guide you to your best artist self.

Do you live too far away to study with me? Not if you have an internet connection and understand English.
Overseas people can connect with Julie through Whatsapp.
Inside USA we can use Facetime, Skype or phone calls.

Email : julie(at sign) to set a schedule.
Please send a photo of any art you would like to discuss for a free consultation by email. I can tell you where I think you are doing well and where you can improve.

Students will have assignments and constructive critiques.