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Silver, Stone and Paper Collection

Illustrated Zine

Illustrated Zine

Here's a book for doodle inspiration.
It's a really cute passport sized mini- magazine with 32 color pages of doodles and how to draw doodles.

Several step-by-step instructions that simplify drawing faces, hands, feet, in perspective (3D), buildings, & shapes.
Includes samples of finished doodles that demonstrate how the skills add up to a completed doodle.

The price includes shipping.

It's not a sketch pad. It's a reference book. You can doodle using any old tool that will make a mark on any surface. I'm sure you've seen doodles on bathroom walls. Hopefully, this zine inspires the beginning doodler to a doodle at new level!


The target age group is late teen and older. You can decide if it's okay for your kids. I enjoy good clean humor, but don't live in a bubble.

• one doodle includes of a cocktail
• non-offensive yoga poses
• some poker chips
• a police line-up

This zine was a blast to make and I'm already bubbling with ideas for more doodle zines!