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Silver, Stone and Paper Collection

Sterling Silver Pill Bug or Roly Poly Charm

Sterling Silver Pill Bug or Roly Poly Charm

Hand carved design with exterior armour detail and some leg detail on the interior. This lovely little bug charm is approximately 12mm long and 8mm high. It comes with a jump ring (not pictured) to attach it to a charm bracelet.

Little kids have been known to play with these harmless bugs because when you touch them they roll up into a perfect little ball as a defense mechanism.

You have already encountered them when lifting a brick or a damp object, you may even have felt disgust, and even wondered what nature was wanting in creating them.

Well, omniscids, are a suborder of terrestrial isopod crustaceans, whose function in evolution is to eliminate heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead, which are extremely harmful to humans, contributing to the cleaning of soil and groundwater. (Don't kill them, don't crush them, pass this along)
Bancada Ecossistema
Adaptado : By Nando Goulart

May have 1 in stock at a time. These charms are made to order so allow 1- 2 months for delivery.

Silversmyth exclusive design.